About Brooklyn Warmi

Brooklyn Warmi was founded with the intention to build a community that honors our ancestry and honors our beauty. As a person who grew up in the Peruvian diaspora, this line means so much to me, and when you purchase from me, it is sent to you with the upmost appreciation.

 Brookyln Warmi was inspired by lack of representation for the Andean community in the diaspora. Wanting to create inclusive modern jewelry for those of Andean descent, Brooklyn Warmi has designed, as well as carefully curated and handmade each piece, of jewelry to create an aesthetic lots of us have looked for. Growing up in Brooklyn, NY, I did not find a community until later on in life, more so I could never find jewelry or accessories that truly represented me. It was like trying to find a keychain that had everyone's name but yours. 

In my line, you’ll find jewelry, totes and shirts throughout my site; all designed with intentions to reach a part of you. My journey to reconnect with my indigeneity, has been an ongoing journey, and through this line, I want to honor our identity, our displacement, our country. I want to honor the cities that raised us, and I want to honor the growth. I hope you feel represented in some way when you shop with me. 

This is for us.

You deserve to feel seen.