Kuntur Earrings

Adoption as Part of the Diaspora...

For years where so many of us didn't understand where we fit in; something has always allowed us to look deeper. Understanding that adoption is part of the diaspora and is indeed part of the indigenous experience, we are here to feel seen in a world that once looked at us like we didn't belong.

Andean Artists

As a child, I never saw a fellow Andean person in music, or maybe it was the lack of community I had as a child. But these days I am proud to say that there are so many beautiful Andean artists out there! Artists who have so much talent that I hope our descendants can look up to them for guidance

Peruvian Teachers

The representation that used to lack within the school system is being changed every year. To have a Peruvian teacher was something rare. Now, there are so many, who come with open minds, and teach with genuine love.

Community Love

I can feel all the love that went into making the shirt!


These pieces are amazing!


I love how you incorporated Brooklyn and Peru with this line


Thank You!

Thank you for taking the time to browse through my site! I want you to know that each item was designed and customized with intention. You deserve to feel seen.